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the kitschmas shop dot com is a truly garish collection of
holiday-themed kitsch!

We celebrate the art of a kitsch-filled holiday, complete with all the
trimmings.  Here, you will find a unique assortment of art, objects
and design that celebrate the holiday season in a truly ironic way.

Specializing in home decor and ornaments, our content is
collectible, campy, crafty, and sometimes of questionable beauty,
but it's all guaranteed great fun!

Kitschmas (noun).  A celebration of truly unique items that
commemorate the holiday season in an ironic, and
sometimes garish, way.  It is celebrated not one day, or 12
days, but every day of the year!

Stop, shop, and enjoy the spirit of Kitschmas!
The Kitschmas Shop dot com is a division of Philadelphia Home Art Garden, LLC.